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Meet the Owner & Founding Instructor
Kelley Armistead

Kelley has a BA in Dance with a focus in Anatomy & Kinesiology.  For the last 25 years she has honed in on her talents as a teacher of all movement styles.  Kelley has certifications in Yoga, Ballet Barre, TRX, Dance, and special areas of focus in Pilates, HIIT, Release Techniques and Pre-natal Yoga.

She has worked across the U.S. as a dance & fitness instructor, including Chicago, DC, Florida & for the last 7 years Texas.

It is her desire to share any and all knowledge of how to improve the lives of each student with better mobility, strength, flexibility and overall health.

She now resides in Denison, Texas with her husband and two sons. The entire family love this community and watching it grow! As Founder of Pivotal Movement Studio Kelley looks forward to helping people of all fitness levels as they begin or continue their fitness journey.

Meet the Instructors

Pivotal Movement Studio is proud to introduce our amazing qualified and talented instructors.  Each one of our instructors brings something different to the studio and we hope that you will try each of their classes and learn new ways of moving, thinking and growing as they guide you along your health and fitness journey.

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